Mmc database leak

In order to see the connection allocation callstack you need the property " ConnectionRequestTrace " of the DatabaseManager to be set to " true ".

mmc database leak

You can check it per configtool or with the j2ee telnet command "listmp DatabaseManager". In different versions the default value is different. Additional hint: you can see last recently executed prepared statements if you click on the connection ID. But it's not necessarily the one who's guilty for the leak. The pool is dumped into defaultTrace as soon as the waiting queue reaches some critical threshold. It means the waiting queue is equal to or is two times bigger than the size of the pool.

Example: with the pool size of 20 and this property set to 20 you get the first dump as all connections are busy and 5 threads are waiting for connection. Nevertheless you can find the criminal s : As soon as all ConfigurationManager connections are taken it dumps the table to the default traces. You can look at connection allocation stacks via telnet commands "add debug" and "debugmanager DatabaseManager". Sometimes you need to increase db settings for max parallel user connections concrete names and values depend on the DB.

Doesn't matter if the problem is caused by a connection leak or by a sudden load peak, the database should be able to maintain number of connections from all pools on all nodes:. What happens if this is not the case? For example, if CentralInstance is not responding do the above analysis via DialogInstance.

Remark: the same is valid for all databases that have a limitation for maximal number of client connections. Remark 2: the default size of the connection pool of ConfigurationManager is set per zero-admin template, you can find it in the configtool as property rdbms.

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Jira links. DB ConnectionPool J at com. DBConnectionPool J at com. All 50 pooled connections are in use and 13 connection requests are currently waiting. The connection pool size might need to be adjusted. Hint In order to see the connection allocation callstack you need the property " ConnectionRequestTrace " of the DatabaseManager to be set to " true ".

Application Info com. Hint you have to set the ConfigurationManager property call. CommonPooledConnection 13e used com.

2014 Data Breach – 46.2 Million Malaysian Mobile phone numbers leaked online

CommonPooledConnection 1a63a1c used com. DirectPooledConnection cbd0 used com. Content Tools. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6.To highlight the importance of avoidance and recognition of bladder perforations during transurethral resection of bladder tumour TURBT and explore the issue of consent regarding MMC given the serious complications that may occur after its instillation.

After collection of all the records, we established a cohort of six patients. All patients had their initial tumour resection elsewhere and were referred for specialist management thereafter. Details of the operating surgeon and cystoscopic findings were known only in half of the cases.

Retrospective analysis of their notes including documentation from the referring centre was undertaken. This included a review of all the histology and imaging.

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Four of the six continue to have chronic pelvic pain. Two patients had urinary retention and three had severe lower urinary tract symptoms.

One patient developed a frozen pelvis. Initial treatment was with an indwelling catheter for a period of weeks to aid healing.

15,525,845,277 Records

Two patients had reconstructive surgery, one with success and the other with failure, as an intestinal patch failed to close the fistula and he continues with a catheter. One patient had an ileal conduit. No patient was warned of such complications. Patients should be aware of such major risks. The real clinical benefit could be reviewed and intravesical MMC offered only to patients who have a good chance of benefit.Into the Exposed Database Hall of Shame comes a new entry: an unprotected cloud repository listing the names, dates of birth and street addresses of the adults in 80 million U.

That's approximately two-thirds of the households in the U. The good news is that the researchers aren't revealing the database's online location. The bad news is that they don't know to whom it belongs, and can't tell its owner to fix it until they figure that out.

The database seems to have been up since February.


The VPN Mentor blog post, penned by a pseudonymous "Guy Fawkes," doesn't specify exactly how the database was left unprotected. Sadly, it's pretty common for companies to throw sensitive information up on an Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud server without securing it properly. The data also includes marital status, gender, income, homeowner status i.

For example, there are no policy or account numbers, Social Security numbers or payment types. Another tantalizing tidbit -- "despite searching thousands of entries, we could not find anyone listed under the age of VPN Mentor assumes that this database belongs to an online service that collected this information from people who signed up for it voluntarily, but there don't appear to be email addresses or telephone numbers in the database -- street mailing address appear to be the only contact information.

The demographic information listed here is pretty easy to obtain from commercial data brokerages if you're willing to pay well. We suspect this database may be related to a marketing company that sells condos in Florida, or maybe even the AARP, which somehow knows exactly when your 50th birthday is coming up so that it can start sending you junk mail.

If you have a good idea of whose database it might be, drop VPN Mentor a line at info vpnmentor. Tom's Guide. Image credit: It's not all blue skies in the cloud. Topics Privacy. See all comments 1. Everyone over 40? Anything in the database saying it was compiled by a Nigerian Prince?You've probably never heard of the marketing and data aggregation firm Exactis. But it may well have heard of you. And now there's also a good chance that whatever information the company has about you, it recently leaked onto the public internet, available to any hacker who simply knew where to look.

Earlier this month, security researcher Vinny Troia discovered that Exactis, a data broker based in Palm Coast, Florida, had exposed a database that contained close to million individual records on a publicly accessible server. The haul comprises close to 2 terabytes of data that appears to include personal information on hundreds of millions of American adults, as well as millions of businesses.

While the precise number of individuals included in the data isn't clear—and the leak doesn't seem to contain credit card information or Social Security numbers—it does go into minute detail for each individual listed, including phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, and other highly personal characteristics for every name.

The categories range from interests and habits to the number, age, and gender of the person's children. Troia notes that almost every person he's searched for in the database, he's found. And when WIRED asked him to find records for a list of 10 specific people in the database, he very quickly found six of them. While it's far from clear if any criminal or malicious hackers have accessed the database, Troia says it would have been easy enough for them to find.

Troia himself spotted the database while using the search tool Shodan, which allows researchers to scan for all manner of internet-connected devices.

He says he'd been curious about the security of ElasticSearch, a popular type of database that's designed to be easily queried over the internet using just the command line. So he simply used Shodan to search for all ElasticSearch databases visible on publicly accessible servers with American IP addresses.

That returned about 7, results. As Troia combed through them, he quickly found the Exactis database, unprotected by any firewall. Troia contacted both Exactis and the FBI about his discovery last week, and he says the company has since protected the data so that it's no longer accessible. Aside from the sheer breadth of the Exactis leak, it may be even more remarkable for its depth: Each record contains entries that go far beyond contact information and public records to include more than variables on a vast range of specific characteristics: whether the person smokes, their religion, whether they have dogs or cats, and interests as varied as scuba diving and plus-size apparel.

WIRED independently analyzed a sample of the data Troia shared and confirmed its authenticity, though in some cases the information is outdated or inaccurate. While the lack of financial information or Social Security numbers means the database isn't a straightforward tool for identity theft, the depth of personal info nonetheless could help scammers with other forms of social engineering, says Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center.

He notes that while some of the data is available in public records, much of it appears to be the sort of nonpublic information that data brokers aggregate from sources like magazine subscriptions, credit card transaction data sold by banks, and credit reports.

Without confirmation from Exactis, the precise number of people affected by the data leak remains tough to count. Troia found two versions of Exactis' database, one of which appears to have been newly added during the period he was observing its server. Both contained roughly million records, split into about million records on consumers and million on business contacts. On its website, Exactis boasts that it possesses data on million individuals, including million US households, as well a total of 3.

Massive leaks of user databases that are accidentally left accessible on the public internet have nearly reached epidemic status, affecting everything from health information to password caches stored by software firms. One particularly prolific researcher, security firm UpGuard's Chris Vickery, has discovered those database leaks again and againfrom 93 million Mexican citizens' voter registration records to a list of 2.

But if the Exactis leak does in fact include million people's information, that would make it one of the largest in years, bigger even than 's Equifax breach of It's worth emphasizing in the case of the Exactis leak, unlike in those earlier data breaches, the data wasn't necessarily stolen by malicious hackers, only publicly exposed on the internet.

But like the Equifax breach, the vast majority of people included in the Exactis leak likely have no idea they're in the database. EPIC's Marc Rotenberg argues that the timing of the breach, just after the implementation of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, highlights the persistent lack of regulation around privacy and data collection in the US.

A GDPR-like law in the US, he notes, might not have prevented Exactis from collecting the data it later leaked, but it might have required the company to at least disclose to individuals what sort of data it collects about them and allow them to limit how that data is stored or used.Introducing our sister site PSA Read this post for info about our wonderful rank upgrades!

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mmc database leak

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I uploaded a test resource, and this error did not appear. PSA Abuse Contact. We take infringement of rights here at blackspigot VERY seriously. If you have a valid takedown complaint, please send send a kindly worded email to blackspigotabuse gmail.We believe this data should be publicly-available, and we need your support to keep it that way.

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Popular searches today. Noor al-Hussein Queen, Jordan. Database powered by. Please read the statement below before searching There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. I have read and understood the terms. Please help us continue our work ICIJ is an independent nonprofit news organization that brings journalists together to collaborate on critical in-depth global investigations We depend on the generous support of readers like you to help us expose corruption and hold the powerful to account Donate now.

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We recently were surprised by a number of exceptions our application threw. Our application was failing when trying to Open a SqlConnection. The exceptions looked like this:. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached. Remember that.

Net uses connection pools to help avoid the overhead of establishing a connection on every query. Connection pools are maintained for every connection string and by default the number of connections in the pool is capped at a hundred. One hundred connections are usually sufficient. We've never had a problem with this exception before and our servers weren't any busier than usual so we were hesitant to increase the value of MaxPoolSize.

We began to suspect database connection leaks. Just like memory leaks, database connection leaks can occur if you don't dispose of your database connections in a timely manner. SqlConnections are IDisposable so it's a best practice to use the using statement :.

Minemen Club Database / MMC DB

As soon as you're done with the SqlConnection, it's disposed and the actual connection immediately returns to the connection pool so it can be used by someone else.

Otherwise the connection remains in use until the process ends or garbage collection cleans it up. So, if your application experiences connection timeouts because of a database connection leak, the stack traces may not help you. Just like an out-of-memory exception due to a memory leak the stack trace has information about the victim, but not the root cause. So where can you go to find the leak?

mmc database leak

Even though database connection leaks are a client problem, you can find help from the database server. On the database server, look at connections per process per database to get a rough estimate of the size of each pool:.

Program name, host name, process id and database name are usually good enough to identify connections coming from the same connection pool. This leads me to ask a few more questions about pools with many connections.

Given a pool, are there sessions that have been sleeping for a while and, if so, how long have they been sleeping and what was the last SQL statement they executed?

The text can now be used to search your application's code base to find where you may have a database connection leak. These queries are useful for troubleshooting a database connection leak and they can also be used to create a monitor or health check.

The queries run only with SQL Server To make it work with SQL Server you have to make some adjustments. Hi Szilard, thanks, yes, these queries are designed only for currently supported versions of SQL Server.

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